Her story in the making.

The entertainment industry is rapidly evolving as it intersects with technology. That means more platforms, different business models and peak content. This moment in the industry’s evolution is the perfect time to level up on gender parity across the board, most importantly with content that reflects women from all walks of life and whose stories haven’t been told.

Everywoman Studios was created to tell those stories through a female lens. The studio intends to use their talent for good by building cause-related campaigns alongside productions, as well as partnering with key organizations to create content that raises money and awareness for women’s issues.

Those issues include equal pay, gender parity in STEM, domestic violence, immigration, reproductive health, climate justice, and sexual education. Issues that impact every woman, every day in every community across America.

Everywoman Studios’ Abby Greensfelder has been in the production business for more than 25 years and recognizes that in these tumultuous times creating premium content that is consumed by millions of people across the country can and should have a social impact for good.