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Realscreen and Everywoman Studios Launches Female-focused Accelerator Program ‘Propelle’

Annual Program for Up-and-Coming Female Creators; Winning Project Gets $20K

New Orleans, LA — January 29, 2020 — Realscreen and Everywoman Studios have announced Propelle, a new female-focused accelerator program, at the Realscreen Summit in New Orleans. The goal of the program is to bring more female creators into the non-fiction ecosystem and have more diverse voices creating content. The program was announced during a group discussion at the Summit titled ‘Propelling Women in the Unscripted Industry: The Road Ahead’, and led by Everywoman Studios’ CEO Abby Greensfelder.

Created and developed by Abby Greensfelder and Realscreen, Propelle aims to further develop the careers of up-and-coming female creators by pairing them with female-owned production companies and female CEOs for project workshopping and mentoring. This provides female creators with access to an established production company and a network of industry contacts in addition to getting business advice and creative direction on developing pitch-ready and sellable ideas.

Each year, Everywoman Studios and Realscreen will recruit two female-owned production companies to join Everywoman Studios as production partners for submitted projects. The joint team will take the selected projects from concept to pitch with Everywoman Studios’ Abby Greensfelder mentoring the rising female creators with support from other female industry partners. The 2020 Participating Partners will be Jane Root of Nutopia and Julie Bristow of Bristow Global Media, reflecting the UK and Canada and Greensfelder in the U.S.

”We are excited to be launching Propelle in partnership with Everywoman Studios,” said Claire Macdonald, VP, Publisher of Realscreen. “This initiative is designed to narrow the gender gap that persists in the non-fiction production community. We’re looking forward to doing our part in bridging it.”

“As a female creator and production company head who has been on both the buy and sell sides of the business, there is a glaring hole in the world of non-fiction when it comes to female-created content,” said Abby Greensfelder, CEO of Everywoman Studios. “Propelle aims to work with new and diverse voices who will bring new stories and fresh perspectives to the table.”

The three Propelle finalists for 2020 will be announced in April 2020, with the winning project announced in June 2020 at Realscreen West in Dana Point, CA. Interested female creators can apply here starting today, January 29, 2020.

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